Translation and Interpreting

We have a Translation and Interpreting area which translates texts, books, audiovisual materials and simultaneous online meetings. Our specialists have an international certificate and a long national and international trajectory.

In this area, we offer everything related to this service in written and audiovisual materials, conferences, meetings, international accompanying and international conventions.

Socio-cultural distances between different countries and cultures disappear thanks to our professional staff by breaking the language barrier in order to create an effective communication through Spanish into English and vice versa translations.

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Short texts

We translate forms, statement, advertisement, news, posters, flyers and different scientific articles.

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Magazines and books

We translate novels, literary works, thesis, magazines and written documentation rich in pages and characters.


We provide you interpreters for meetings and conferences. (simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting, and whispering are the modalities available), they have experience in conferences, doctors’ appointments, attorneys’ or training courses.

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Digital Translation

Web sites, mobile applications and digital resources of bilingual orientation can be translated.