Projects and Planning

Today more than ever, it is necessary to have instruments and methodologies which allow executives and entrepreneurs to promote investment initiatives and have accurate prognosis when it comes to the profitability of a business.

A business plan is a key and fundamental instrument to achieve success for entrepreneurs like you.

Rise Up HOY helps you to elaborate this strategical and indispensable document, since is not possible to successfully start up a business without having a detailed plan.

A number of activities are set out in this plan in order to start with your enterprise, with the help of a collaborative planning system for all change agents of your institution, aiming to achieve goals in an effective way.

We think the main characteristics of a plan are:

  • Designate a responsible coordinator for its realization.
  • Determine different stages in order to facilitate results measurement.
  • Establish short and long term goals.
  • Determine with clarity the expected final results.
  • Establish measurement criteria in order to measure progress and achievements.
  • Identify possible opportunities to use them during their realization.
  • Involve in the elaboration of the plan, the executives who will participate in its application.
  • Foresee difficulties that may show up and possible corrective measures.
  • Have programs with activities, responsible personal, financial and technical resources available for its fulfillment.
  • To be clear, concise, specific and informative.

Churches and Enterprises

Operational, strategical and administrational planning and management resources.


Vision, development of strategies, programming and resource management.


Format of Liturgy or service, approach, strategies, resources and agents.